A Class that Improves My Skills

My communication skills are strongly enhanced by this class mainly in three aspects:

First, this class taught me how to edit audios and videos, which I have never known before. I used to believe that editing media materials is a professional skill that can only be mastered by experts and it is difficult to learn for people who know nothing about editing like me. However, after accomplished the first two projects, the audio one and the audio two, I mastered this skill effectively and successfully. Final Cut Pro is a useful tool in media editing. It can not only edit audios but also videos as well. Strictly followed the instructions, I can also add texts and side information on my videos. I also learned how to optimize a photo and combine the photos and audios to make a slide show. It’s really important for me to master this skill because I want to be a fashion designer in the future. Now, I can display my design works with descriptions by using this application.

Second, I have also learned some rules of shooting and photographing, which can help me make better videos and collect better pictures. I love taking photos very much because I believe that memories may fade someday, but photos would not if preserved with care. Before attending this class, I used to take pictures in whatever angles I like, but now I have leaned the rule of Third and Five Shot rules to perfect my works. Instead of displaying my pictures disorderly, I now know how to organize my photo albums and produce photos with better quality.

Finally, I am more confident now when facing people from other countries. As a foreigner, I was very shy to conduct a interview at the beginning of this semester. I knew nobody here, so I often chose to interview students from China; however, after a short period of training and practice, I now can talk to my classmates and instructors freely and confidently. When I tried to revise my first version of the slide show, I made a decision that I would interview my design teacher in St.Mary’s University and I asked him after the class. It’s really nice of him to accept my interview and he did cooperate me a lot when I took photos of him. This successful interview not only gives me a chance to accomplish a better homework, but also encourages me to communicate more with people from other culture background. Learning a language needs confidence, and this class really helps me to learn English better.


Scene on Campus: International Food Fair

International Food Fair is held on November 16th at the Bell Tower in St.Mary’s University. The Japanese Chef, Takumi Keda comes to share the Japanese food and culture to American students. He has been in the United States for a year and he found that Americans are generally different from Japaneses.

Scene on Campus

Annual International Food Fair




The annual International Food Fair is held in front of the Barrett Memorial Bell Tower on November 16th from 11 am. to 1pm. Students from Saudi Arabi, Japan, Vietnam, and China etc. provide and share the special food from their countries to students and faculties of the St.Mary’s University. This event gives American students  the chance to learn about other culture, and the event works as a bridge that connects students together as well.

Exploring new life in San Antonio

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The tattooist is tattooing a pattern of flower to attract customers

Mr.Grand is looking sincerely at the portrait of the Mother of God

An old hippie is dancing to a hippie song in a hippie way

The great artist is modifying the portrait of a famous NBA player for exhibition

Street painter is using his spray paint to complete a piece of art.

Never Stops Riding a Bike


Hyena Seok, Yoon is an exchange student from South Korea,  and he has started riding a bike since he was only seven years old. Though has encountered some challenges, he still enjoy this healthy exercise and I think his story of persevering in riding a bike can encourage many people to do more exercises so as to maintain healthy.