xu-ea3360-verticalParis Xu is a junior student from Beihang university in Beijing, China. Her major is English. In fall 2016, she becomes an exchange student in St. Mary’s University for further English study. She graduated from the Wuhan foreign languages school and was the leader of School Union of Wuhan Foreign Language School.


She has once won the first prize of English Competition host in 2008 and was awarded by a medal badge. As the leader of the Jazz department of Beihang Street Dance Club, she learned dance for three years. As an English major, she studied English for over 12 years, and has attended the Junior English Contest for five years. She likes painting and doodling as well. She has won the “ top ten” student award in City Wuhan. Moreover, she is the vice president of International Department of the School Union of Beihang University. She is also the president of Entertainment Department.


Xu plans to attend design classes and study art when she graduates with her degree. And she also wants to write about her study abroad experience and share her them with those who are interested.